International Journal of Advanced Research
in Science Management and Technology
ISSN : 2454 - 4159
Editorial Board
  • Mr. Anmol Suryavanshi (Editor-In-Chief)

  • Dr.Atul B.Chaudhari,University College,Cork (IRELAND)
  • Dr.S.A.Boseline Phrabhu,SVS College Of Engineering,Coimbatore (INDIA)
  • Dr. Kiran B. Aher, SVKM's institute of Pharmacy, Dhule (INDIA)
  • Dr. Purushottam S. Desale,SSVPS COE, Dhule (INDIA)
  • Prof.Govind M.Poddar,GCE, Dhule (INDIA)
  • Dr.Nilam N. Ghuge​,JSPM’s Institute of Technology & Research,Pune(INDIA)                              
  • Dr. Nilesh A. Suryavanshi, GCE, Dhule (INDIA)
  • Dr.U.P. Khairnar,SSVPS's ACS College, Shindkheda (INDIA)
  • Dr.Sunil V.Desle,GCE,Nagaon,Dhule (INDIA)
  • Dr.N.S.Pawar,SSVPS's ACS College, Shindkheda (INDIA)
  • Prof. V.D.Panjabi,R.C.Patel Institute of Technology,Shirpur(INDIA)
  • Prof.S.H.Rajput, SSBT's COET,Bambori,Jalgaon (INDIA)
  • Prof. Sandip N. Vende,GPN,Nagaon (INDIA)
  • Prof.Miss.Anuradha B. Pawar,GCE,Nagaon (INDIA)
  • Prof. Krishnkant Kishore,JDCT, Indore (INDIA)
  • Prof.Nitesh Rastogi,IIST, Indore (INDIA)
  • Prof.S.P.Badgujar, SND College of Engineering,Yeola (INDIA)
  • Dr.S.S.Patil,SSVPS's ACS College, Shindkheda (INDIA)
  • Prof.S.M.Pardeshi, R.C. Patel Institute of Technology,Shirpur(INDIA)
  • Prof.Narayani M.Gosavi,Govt. College of Engineering ,Jalgaon(INDIA)
  • Dr.A.T.Kamble,SSVPS's ACS College, Shindkheda (INDIA)
  • Prof.S.R.Sonawane,R.C.Patel Institute of Technology,Shirpur(INDIA)
  • Prof.Sagar B. Shinde,JSPM's Narhe Technical Campus, pune (INDIA)
  • Prof.Pradip P. Bawane,SVKM's Institute of Pharmacy, Dhule (INDIA)


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